An interesting new trend is emerging in the music industry: singers and musicians have begun incorporating their exes into their music videos. The trend has viewers doing a double take: are they or aren’t they? We are accustomed to seeing plenty of mudslinging in the media whenever couples decide to part ways. But seeing ex-lovers share space in one music video fuels new rumors and keeps fans on their toes. Perhaps the artists are attempting to generate a buzz for their projects. Or maybe they just like being “controversial.” In any case, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are burying the hatchet for the sake of art.

Almost Divorced: Pink and Corey Hart

“So What” was the music video in which energetic singer Pink decided to blow off some steam with the help of her dutiful husband, from whom she was separated at the time. The song referenced her desire and ability to move on from a situation that had been causing her emotional pain. The song itself has been touted as an anthem for anyone who’s gone through a painful breakup. But seeing hubby Corey Hart playing the good sport in the music video was icing on the cake. A couple reunited in May of 2009 – without ever finalizing the divorce.

Friendly Exes: 50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox

“Fiddy” (also known as Curtis Jackson) decided to jump on the bandwagon and stirred a huge amount of speculation by casting former lover Vivica A. Fox in his music video for “Do You Think about Me.” The spicy couple was an item briefly in 2003, with their most infamous appearance occurring during the MTV Video Music Awards in that same year. What people remember most about the twosome are the snide jabs that they both took at one another shortly after their breakup. So imagine the world’s surprise when seven years later Vivica shows up in 50 Cent’s video. Did the couple rekindle their flame? Not likely. But we love to speculate.

“Baby Mama Drama”: Nivea and Lil’ Wayne

The latest celebrity to join the bunch is R B; singer Nivea, who proclaims that “Love Hurts.” The chanteuse, who recently gave birth to rapper Lil Wayne’s 4th child, has offered a chummy appearance with the mothers of Wayne’s other children. But her most recent video has convinced fans that she isn’t exactly pleased with the state of affairs (bad pun intended.) In the video, the singer laments the troubles she has experienced with the rapper. We are almost inclined to believe that she has hired a Lil Wayne look-alike to portray the object of her woes. But alas, it really is Lil Wayne playing the real-life role about which Nivea Sings. To keep tongues wagging, the singer even injects one or two pretty steamy scenes. Is she really that angry about having lost out on love? At this juncture, it’s pretty hard to tell.

Emotional Bravery or Clever Marketing Ploy?

These artists appear to have taken their painful situations and turned them into creative pieces of art. Some appear to have reconsidered their romantic decisions; others appear to have a few regrets. We all know that sometimes old lovers serve as muses for their songs. But in the case of these videos, those muses seem to have gotten a little too close for comfort. If using your ex as eye candy has really become a new trend, it is one that may forever leave celebrity gossip bloggers confused.