For all of those fans who had not heard the news it seem that Britney Spears is not done trying to save her career just yet. It seems that she has agreed to appear on the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards. As everyone knows MTV seems to just love any type of drama that tit can get. Obviously they know that people will tune in just to see what Britney does. Will she actually show up for the show? Will she be lip-syncing once again? Will she actually do a new song, that will amaze the audience. Many critics are very doubtful that she will suddenly have an making performance after having such really bad ones. This of course is in addition to all of the things that are currently going wrong in her life.

A lot of Britney’s fans have been obviously disappointed with her last couple of shows and performances and are hoping that she will redeem herself on the VMA’s. If she does not do any better with this performance than she has done with her other performances than it could actually mean the end of her career, and the lifestyle that she has become accustomed too. Of course if her career suddenly does come to a screeching halt some say that he law suite against her from her ex husband over the kids custody, could also suddenly come to a screeching halt. Probably because many feel that the only reason her ex- husband is really trying to get custody is because of the money that she would have to pay if he suddenly did get custody. The bottom line is that many of Britney’s friends, family members, and even her fans, all seem to agree that Britney is on her way out. She claims it is not because she has never done drugs, but clearly based on her behavior she definitely has some very visible issues. The awards show is due to air on MTV on Sept 9th at 9:00pm. I’m sure that everyone will be closely tuned in to see what to expect from Britney’s performance. Of course with all of the other performances that are scheduled for the awards show, Britney is probably not one of the main highlights.

The bottom line is that Britney has to do that this show can make or break her career. Some also fear that this award show could be just the thing that ends up pushing her fully over the end. The last time all she did was shave her head. Could the fallout from another failed show, be even worse this time around. This is definitely something that everyone will just have to wait and see what happens.